2010 Columbus Open July 9 - 11 Highlights

First board and top prize winner IM Goran Vojinovic of Serbia looks on as IM Calvin Blocker of Cleveland defeats Carl Boor of Columbus to tie for second place with Alex Markovits of  Cincinnati.

Tournament organizer Lou Friscoe (center) is in a tough game with Alex Doherty of Columbus during the final round.

Assisting TD Mike Dixon of Columbus checks the settings on a digital clock as reserve players look on.

In the 4th round IM Brian Smith of  Pennsylvania contemplates his next move with fellow IM Goran Vojinovic.

Thanks to all players for making the

2010 Columbus Open a success!

Columbus natives Grant Perks and Richard Parry are in deep concentration over their 4th round game in the Premier section.  Grant tied for second place.

   Photos by Steve Charles, Ohio Chess AssociationTrustee.

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Prize winner Chuck Diebert ties for third place in Open section.

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